okay as I’ve mentioned before, this blog will be inactive for, probably, forever (and yet I still keep getting new followers?) It will stay up because of the art references I’ve saved but that’s it, nothing will be added except this last post.

and now more general complaints under cut:

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i should not get followers because i only post poop on this blog


this took 9 hours but it was 9 hours well spent (‘:


i was playin around with vegas so i could use it seriously later so here’s a video in which fef celebrates her smooch with sol wow

i made a new blog

ill come back and forth to this one occasionally but i think ill be more active elsewhere






Tutorial - Wands

This. This is epic.

reblogging for so i can’t lose this because oh my god jenn can we

OMG I want one of these xD I think I’m going to try it in the future…

future reference

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How to cope with your girlfriend liking Kidz Bop

All dumb comments from others aside, Turbo was a really great movie, maybe the concept seemed silly at first but then again you can’t say it’s bad until you’ve watched it, same with Monsters Vs. Aliens and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, these are really great films okay.

I don’t have much time today but I still had to doodle my favorite dr character’s b-day


How I draw the eyes using colored pencils. I mentioned a vid up there which you can find here [x]


Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional or anything!

I just took some art classes when I was younger, so these are just a few things I remember or have learned since then!

Anyways, this ‘tutorial’ is just something I made very quickly…and I’m not good at explaining or teaching.

So please don’t take this seriously lol 

i scribbled these a week ago and forgot about them

i doodled some things while i was in the hospital, they didn’t let me have any pens so they gave me shitty roseart crayons instead :’)